Welcome to America’s Weekly Sales

America’s Weekly Sales is the first nationwide digital marketplace that provides the opportunity for small, local businesses across the U.S. to promote their weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales and discounts to the customers in their area.

In addition, America’s Weekly Sales provides shoppers with the ability to browse discounts that are offered by small, local businesses, as well as nationwide companies in one place, making sales and special discounts easily accessible to everyone.


Every week, there’s a new shopping list: home goods, clothing, gifts, food, pet accessories, and more! With so much to buy, shoppers spend a lot of time looking for the best deal in town.

By visiting our website or our convenient mobile app, shoppers can easily find stores in their area that are offering discounts.

Our invaluable website allows families to plan weekly shopping trips before leaving home. By planning ahead and getting the best deals, shoppers save money, but they’ll also save time moving from store to store looking for the items on their lists!

Already on the road? Visit our mobile app! No matter where you are, finding a great deal is as easy as looking at your smartphone.

America’s Weekly Sales allows you to take advantage of the discounts offered by small, local businesses, ultimately saving you money and strengthening your community at the same time.


A sale sign can have a magical effect on your business’s bottom line! Shoppers realize that a sale means they can get more for their money, keeping their wallets full and their household budgets intact.

Hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized stores specializing in everything from food to clothing, makeup, furniture, and more, have their own weekly plan to increase their sales and revenue. Unfortunately, advertising costs can be quite steep, making it nearly impossible to get the word out about a sale. America’s Weekly Sales provides the perfect solution for these local businesses.

Our website and mobile app present sale advertising to thousands of families in your area quickly, and our service is extremely affordable! We are able to eliminate advertising expenses, helping you find more customers, increase revenue, and get rid of aging inventory, no matter what your business!